A Think- & Do- Tank about Artificial Intelligence

  • Our vision

    We believe in bringing the benefits of AI not just to the "happy few", but the the broadest possible audience, including the public sector, companies, and citizen.

    World-class training : AI Black Belt

    A unique, progressive, hands-on curriculum

    Designed to re-skill the workforce of companies, to take advantage of the opportunities offered by AI.

    Strategic Partnerships

    Using AI to Solve Social Challenges

    We are looking for a limited number of Strategic Partners, that share our vision, and are willing to contribute ressources (financial & otherwise) to make it a reality.

    AI Talks

    Capturing AI wisdom, one talk at a time

    We are setting up our own conference (and partnering with existing events), with a special emphasis on capturing great AI talks on video.
    By building a library of quality talks around AI, we want to engage the broadest public into a conversation about the future of AI & Society.

  • Our Team

    Our multinational team combines experience with passion, creativity, and dedication to the cause of bringing AI to the broadest audience. (to be announced soon)

  • AI SOCIETY news

    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

    There are no published blog posts yet.
  • we're hiring!

    We always strive for the best.

    COO - Brussels-based

    • Manage relationships with major stakeholders of the project
    • Organize and run all the operations of the Society: events, trainings, etc.

    Head of Learning - Brussels-based

    • Cultivate a network of subject matter experts.  He/she will maintain a set of “pick up the phone” relationships with the most influential people in space (e.g. university professors, executives at established companies, industry analysts, etc.)
    • Curriculum delivery Assemble and deliver a learning program (based on Jupyter notebooks)
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